Marathon Monday

11 Mar

It’s amazing how a little good weather can change the mood of almost anyone.

Yesterday on my lunch break, I decided to take a stroll around the Chicago loop.  Pretty much everyone else in the area had the exact same idea.  I didn’t mind the crowded streets, the little shoulder bumps or the street solicitors – I was looking at everyone’s faces.  They were all happy.  No wind burned cheeks and no scarf covered mouths… hip hip hooray! (Hey you pessimist, don’t you dare leave a comment about how it’s going to snow tomorrow night – I will hunt you down).

I made a stop at Target and did a little more shopping for my ‘Spring Break’ trip… whoops!


What can I say, this warmer weather is doing bad bad things to my wallet.  Regardless, I am excited about my purchases – a light green sweater for St. Patrick’s Day/Spring, a fun printed skirt paired with an inexpensive black top, a bathing suit coverup and a fun aztec print tank top.  Plus some of those $3 flip flops that are a must buy each season.  And you know what… I got ALL of it for under $80.  BAM.

The nice little break put me in such a great mood I couldn’t help but look forward to my evening run.  I knew, I just knew that the Lakeshore path would be full of runners/walkers/bikers all together enjoying the day.


And I was not disappointed.



As I mentioned yesterday, the plan for the evening was just to do a light 3 mile run after my brief knee injury.  IT was SUCH a great run, even though it was short.

photo (1)

See the little red mark in the middle of my run?  This was the point in which about two dozen runners were trying real hard to avoid a Lake Michigan that formed on the sidewalk.  We all walked single file across the ice in the snow to avoid wet shoes – It was funny.

Anyways, It felt so good to be back – no knee pain whatsoever.

I know that it’s supposed to drop in temperature and it may snow a couple times over the next 10 days, but my Half Marathon Training plan started yesterday and I’m pumped!

Here is my tentative schedule for March:


… but as most runners know things could change at anytime and I can adjust if necessary.

The rest of my evening was spent watching the True Detective Season Finale – EEEEEK! And eating some yummy turkey tacos.


Bon Appetit.

One Response to “Marathon Monday”

  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals March 11, 2014 at 10:07 am #

    We CRINGED watching True Detective last night! SO GOOD.

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